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Tên sản phẩm: Đèn huỳnh quang T8 - TBS068
Mã sản phẩm TBS068
Giá mới Giá liên hệ
Nhóm sản phẩm: Đèn huỳnh quang âm trần
Lượt xem 4158
Bài viết giới thiệu sản phẩm

- Extremely flat housing design
- Ease of installation by means of specially designed flip-flat plates

Light source
- Fluorescent:2 x or 3 x or 4 x MASTER TLD / G13 / 18, 36 W

Lamp position: Horizonta

- Electro magnetic (low loss), 220V / 50Hz:Inductive (I) Parallel compensated (IC)
- Electronic, 220V / 50 - 60Hz:Electronic High Frequency (HF)

Materials and finish
- Housing: welding joint; white post-painting sheet cold steel 
- Optics: aluminum sheet with glossy or matt plastic foil attached

Installation  Mounting
- individual for 300 mm or 600 mm ceiling grids, visible T-bar profiles 
- Method: housing rests on T-barsFour suspension holes available for safety chain

- High gloss aluminium reflector (G2)
- Matt high quality anodized aluminium optic with flat profiled aluminium lamellae (M2)
-  IP 20 
- Class I 
- Complies with IEC 60598

Main applications
- Office open plans, entrance halls

Preferred selection
Product ID

TBS068 3xTL-D18W I
TBS068 3xTL-D18W I
TBS068 2xTL-D36W I
TBS068 3xTL-D36W I

TBS068 3xTL-D18W IC
TBS068 3xTL-D18W IC
TBS068 2xTL-D36W IC
TBS068 3xTL-D36W IC

TBS068 3xTL-D18W HF
TBS068 3xTL-D18W HF
TBS068 2xTL-D36W HF
TBS068 3xTL-D36W HF

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